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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
From the desk of Casey Gentles

Are you struggling to to get your landing pages to convert? Have you ever thought, I wish someone could hold my hands and teach me how to create a website or the best landing page that convert visitors to buyers…every step of the way?

Better yet, do you ever wish someone could do all the work for you? I mean writing a pre-sell copy that is guaranteed to get your visitors to take action on demand.

I bet you have!

See, I get emails almost everyday from folks just like you who are struggling to make a decent online income. And you know what? One of the biggest problems that these folks encounter is the problem of creating a landing page that will turn visitors into buyers.

Some people just don't know where to start,

Some English is not their fist language and that's a big problem,

Some simply don't know how to write a copy that will convince someone to take action!

The truth is, none of the so-called guru courses really teach you how to create a pre-sell copy that works. They tell you to find a hungry market, and find a product that meet their needs and then you will be banking.

But is it really so? Absolutely Not!

They never really explain in details what you are supposed to do.. You are then left  to figure out everything  on your own.

Maybe you have spent days on your pre-sell and when you are finally done with it and start sending traffic everything just seem to be going wrong. You send over 1000+ visitors but only 10% clicked over to the merchant's page and in the end you only made one or two sales at about $30 each. major fail isn't it?

I Know Exactly What You Are Going Through Because I Have Been There Myself

I know how you feel…the thing is, when I was first getting started online, I had to figure a lot of it out for myself.  I made countless errors and mistakes, having to redo things over and over again, using a lot of trial and error to make it all happen.

My conversions sucked.. .... As a matter of fact they were horrible :(

I would promote products and would get 1:500 conversion rates while I know people who were getting 1:14 conversions. Plus we were using similar traffic systems. So why were my conversions so poor?

Because My landing Pages Were Super Horrible

Looking back now, I have to laugh at what my landing pages use to look and sound like. Even now I wonder how I managed to get the few sales from them anyways. Needless to say, after countless trial and error, I have finally mastered the art of creating super high converting landing pages.

And there are some good news for you as well:

After months of pondering and a ton of emails from my loyal subscribers, I have decided to let you in on some of my secrets... Now you're lucky because I didn't have anyone willing to show me how to get my pages to convert like you have today... It took countless hours of wasting my time on different formats, different types of headlines and different pre-sell copies to figure out what worked and what didn't. Now I have a proven system that can be replicated over and over again.

That's how the Best Landing Pages Came About!

Instead of telling you what to do to make your landing pages convert, I have decided to make the landing pages for you. That's right, I know how hard it can be to press those hot buttons on your visitors to get them to buy and so I have decided to do all the hard work for you.


You Can Now Explode Your Online Income And Make A Ton More Cash From The Same Amount Of Traffic!

Let me explain what I mean by using two scenarios below:

Scenario #1 - Imagine sending 1,000 visitors to a landing page and only 200 of them click through to your merchant's page which converts at 2%.

That would work out to be 20% CTR (click through rate) from your page and only 4 sales (2 for every 100 visitors you send to the merchant's page). Also. let's say you get $30 per sale. That mean you would have made 4 x $30 = $120 from your 1,000 visitors.

Scenario #2 - On the other hand, suppose you were able to get a 50% conversion on your landing page... then the results would be:

500 persons would click over to the merchant's page which is converting at 2% resulting in 10 sales. So you would have made 10 x $30 = $300 from the same 1,000 visitors.

Do you see the difference?

Note that you didn't increase your traffic. The only thing different was the conversion of the second landing page. We all know that getting traffic can be a super hard task especially for the beginner. SO it is therefore very important to make the best use of the little traffic that you do get.

Our Landing Pages Are Guaranteed To Get You Super High Conversions No Matter Which Product They Are Promoting!

The landing/Pre-sell pages that are offered through this website are nothing that you have ever seen. These landing pages are created with the end users in mind. The niches that they promote are thoroughly researched to find the hot buttons that will make your visitors run for their credit cards and hop over to the merchant's page to make a purchase.

All the guess work is taken out.... You can have 100% confidence that you are getting value for your money. But it doesn't stop there!

Unlike our competitors, we are giving you a full package. Not just a pre-sell page.

Here Is A Summary Of What You Will Get In Each Landing page Package:

High Quality Graphic - Every package comes with a professionally done graphic design that complements the product being promoted.

Professionally Written Pre-sell Copy - We all know that in order to get a person to buy you have to warm them up! These pre-sell copies are written in such a way that you will get very high conversions on your offers. All you have to do is to send high quality traffic to them and watch the sales rolling in.

10 High Quality Articles (Not PLR) - Each package will have 10 Articles written to market the niche/product being promoted. The articles will also be added to the the landing pages making them a complete website.

SEO Optimized/ Search Engine Friendly - The landing pages and articles are seo optimized and search engine friendly. You literally have no work to do on your part. All you have to do is to add your affiliate link to one page and upload the package to your web host.

PSD Files for all The Graphics Are Included - Feel free to change whatever you want on the graphics. You get the PSD files as well as the jpg for all the graphics used in the package.

Cloaked Affiliate Links - You don't want people stealing your commissions do you? Ofcourse not! Your affiliate links will be cloaked and you will only need to edit one page to have your links functioning.

Contact/ Privacy Policy And Sitemap Page - Not only do you get killer graphics and a super high converting pre-sell copy but you will also get the essential pages that makes up a complete website.

Instructions on How To Set Up Your Landing Pages - The best landing pages wouldn't be complete if you didn't know what do or how to use them would it? So these packages are designed with the absolute newbie in mind.

Personal Support - If you have any problems, I am just an email away.


How Do You Get Get A Copy Of These High Converting Landing Pages?

It is very simple actually! All you need to do is to check out our portfolio to see all the landing pages that are currently available. Choose the package you desire and place your order. You will get immediate access and you can have your site up in as little as 10 minutes




To Your Success

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